my website

Welcome to my private website with some info on my (previous) research topics and about various projects of mine. Beside of that, please have also a look at some websites I was working:

  • International Lazy Bee Homepage - This is the unofficial Website of the "LazyBee", the best model airplane ever designed from "Clancy Aviation"
  • Marinalink - planing to setup a directory for europe containing links to marinas on an interactive map including up-to-date weather reports

This and the other websites are hosted on

a new design

Websites need a fresh look from time to time... and since I had planed to reorganize and add a few things to my website for a long time, I updated it now to a new css based design. The original design was created by NodeThirtyThree Design which I adapted and extended to my needs. I hope you like it.

A few other things have changed in particular in the projects folder, e.g. the Dlink DNS-323, a network attached storage (NAS), is a great toy, it is based on linux and one has full access via telnet to it. Some more info is collected on a dedicated page.