my previous research topics

To give you an overview about my scientific background, I just want to list a few of my research areas and projects performed during my study. The talks where also held during my study, they are all in german, but they may be interesting for some people.

PhD-Thesis and other projects during this period

Statistical analysis of biomedical data - I will focus on the theory and the applications of data analysis tools to biomedical data, using for example the Independent Component Analysis (ICA) - a method used for the Blind Source Separation (BSS) problem - and other methodes as for example time series analysis and random matrix theory (RMT). Furthermore models for biomdeical systems are derived and investigated.

Granular material - simulation of granular material with a hard sphere model. Goal of this research is to understand the behaviour of the granular material under different gravitational forces (zero-g or micro gravity, 1g and hyper gravity).

Master-Thesis and projects during my study:

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) - my master thesis. An electromagnetic method used in geophysics to map the subsurface. Main aspects were the radiation patterns of dipole antennas.

Atompack - calculation of packing densities of amorphous metals with more then two components.
Hotzenplotz - a microgravity experiment for the student parabolic flight campaign (SPFC) from ESA, designed at the Institute for Geophysics (Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany)

Some nice talks held by me during my physics study:

Bernoulli-Equation - in a seminar on hydrodynamics. Sorry, the slides are in german...
Jospehson-Effect - used in a superconducting device to compare voltages on 10-10 exact. Sorry, the slides are in german...
Lorenz-Attraktor - in chaotic systems. Sorry, only in german...


Encrypted data transmission - a german patent (DE #4439032) on "Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur verschlüsselten Datenübertragung" from Andreas Jung and Klaus Schröder

Paper and other scientific publications:
A. Jung,
Statistical analysis of biomedical data, PhD-Thesis - University Regensburg, Dec. 2003. pdf

A. Jung, A. Kaiser,
Considering temporal structures in Independent Component Analysis. ICA 2003 Proceedings, 2003. pdf

F. Theis, A. Jung, E.W. Lang and C.G. Puntonet,
Linear Geometric ICA: Fundamentals and Algorithms. Neural Computation 2003, 15: 419-439. pdf

F. Theis, A. Jung, E.W. Lang and C.G. Puntonet,
A Theoretic Model for Linear Geometric ICA. ICA 2001 Proceedings, 2001. ps-zip pdf

A. Jung, F. Theis, C.G. Puntonet and E.W. Lang,
FastGeo - A Histogram Based Approach to Linear Geometric ICA. ICA 2001 Proceedings, 2001. ps-zip pdf

A. Jung and C. Aulbert,
Abstrahlcharakteristiken von Bodenradar-Antennen. EMTF 2000 Proceedings, 2000. ps-zip

C. Aulbert and A. Jung,
FDTD - Simulation zur Entstehung synthetischer Radargramme. EMTF 2000 Proceedings, 2000.

C. Möhrmann, A. Jung and E. Woldt,
The Packing Density of Randomly Packed Spheres and the Structural Stability of Metallic Glasses. preprint, 1999. ps-zip

A. Jung,
A mathematical model of the hydrodynamical processes in the brain - a rigorous approach, Proceedings of Workshop GK "Nonlinearity" - Regensburg, Oct. 2002. ps-zip (11.7MB) pdf (low resolution-1.6MB) pdf (high resolution-10.8MB)

A. Jung,
An introduction to a new data analysis tool: Independent Component Analysis, Proceedings of Workshop GK "Nonlinearity" - Regensburg, Oct. 2001. ps-zip pdf

A. Jung,
Einführung in die neuronalen Netze, 2001. ps-zip