Some interesting websites I found on the internet:

Space Science

ESA - European Space Agency
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Apollo 11 - "Its one small step for (a) man, but one giant leap for mankind"
Apollo 13 - "Can you hear Houston, we´ve had a problem here... just say again please... ah Houston, we´ve had a problem"


Some websites of friends: Tim Meyer-König, Carsten Aulbert, Hanno Dierke, Robert Schwebel

SelfHTML - the best german reference for HTML
The Internet Archive - an digital library, which archives the Internet every 2 month!

Web-Elements - the periodic table on the Internet
Nobel Prize Internet Archive - archives all until 1901

Die Zitatebank - von KomMa-net.de bietet ausserdem noch Querverweise zu anderen Zitaten
Internet-Kiosk - links to newspapers all over the world

WXTide 32 - a freeware program for predicting tides for about 9,800 locations around the world through 2037
German Northsea - Tide-prediction for the next 7 days by the BSH
Netherlands Northsea - Tideprediction for the nest 7 days
Varen - a website with links to various european tide prediction websites.

Hardware Book - hardware information for the PC
Electronics Info Page - links for people playing with electronics

Astalavista - search engines for cracks und serialnumbers

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